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History of Qchella Media

In 2017, Elijah Hartman, concern over the shortage of accurate and supportive LGBTQ+ media content across the United States was growing daily. Television, radio, and online media highlighted the increase in homophobia, discrimination, and hate crimes against LGBTQ+ persons. At the same time, these networks engaged in a large scale pattern and practice of stereotyping, misrepresenting, and under-representing LGBTQ+ lives in order to gain ratings.


Given Elijah’s background as a media producer, his work as a business and intellectual property attorney, his non-profit experience, and his strong family connections in broadcasting, Elijah set out to change that, by creating the Qchella Media Corporation, the first-ever LGBTQ+ created, directed, and managed nonprofit media corporation.


In the following months, Elijah ventured to Palm Springs, California, to speak with community leaders and businesses. He worked to bring together a robust coalition of LGBTQ+ experts that were willing to help bring Qchella Media to life.  As a LGBTQ+ destination, adored by him and many other LGBTQ+ persons and allies, Palm Springs represented the perfect place to base this new nonprofit venture to make a difference for the expansive and diverse Coachella Valley LGBTQ+ community.


After many months of collaboration with community leaders plus LGBTQ+ businesses, including Sunnylands Broadcasting, LLC, The Gay Desert Guide, and the Desert Business Association, Qchella Media Corporation was formed.


We believe that LGBTQ+ lives are strengthened and affirmed when our stories are told. As a nonprofit corporation, we  work to support and foster the diverse voices of our LGBTQ+ community. We are privileged to produce and broadcast a platform that provides a voice to all LGTBQ+ people, in addition to supporting the coalition of LGBTQ+ owned and friendly non-profits, businesses, professionals, and corporations.  All  entities are working to promote the health, education, and the strength of our diverse and varied community.


Central to the strength of our organization is our Board of Directors.

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