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Elijah is a business and intellectual property attorney at DATH, PLLC. With degrees in Electronic Media and Music Production, Law, and Intellectual Property and Policy, Elijah works with emerging and established businesses to protect, preserve, and promote their business success. As an attorney, Elijah has worked with many types of businesses, including radio broadcasting and media production companies, consumer product manufacturers, clothing designers and distributors, food distribution companies, organic cosmetic manufacturers, software and mobile application developers, social media networks, commercial lenders, franchise restaurants, and social clubs. Additionally, over the last fifteen years, Elijah has also worked on behalf of many nonprofits, including Mercy Corps’, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), The Dauphin County Bar Association, The Seattle Symphony, and others.

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Elijah Hartman


Gail Christian is the Executive Producer of the Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival. She is a retired television and radio journalist. She was a reporter for KNBC News in Los Angeles and a network correspondent for NBC News. She worked as the Director of News for the PBS Network and the Pacifica Radio Network in Washington DC where she was a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. She was also the Executive Director of the literary organization PEN in Los Angeles. She has an Emmy and a Columbia Journalism Award. 

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Gail Christian